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Our Research


Multi-cellular organisms rely on cellular differentiation and acquisition of cell identity for their proper development. We investigate translation-based mechanisms that determine cellular identity. Specifically, we focus on ribosomal (r)RNA modifications as regulators of cell-type-specific translation, which is essential for differentiation and establishment of identity.

We explore issues such as (1) rRNA modification dynamics and cell-type specificity, (2) control of translational capacity by rRNA modifications, and (3) the role of rRNA modifications and cell-type-specific translation in human disease. We tackle these issues in the physiological settings of normal hematopoiesis (blood formation) and aberrant hematopoiesis (leukemia), as well as during viral infection.

In our studies we utilize many molecular techniques, such as ribosome profiling, RNA modification sequencing and CRISPR-based screens. We combine these with ex-vivo stem cell research and in-vivo models by bone marrow transplantation, and leukemia xenograft to understand the physiological impotance of our findings. Using this diverse tool box we aim to reveal the centrality of cell-type-specific translation for the establishment of cell identity.