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Our Research

Our lab studies the role of the ribosome as an active regulator of gene expression and of physiological processes.

The ribosome is the machinery that performs protein synthesis in all cells, and hence it is essential for all kingdoms of life. While the ribosome was identified in the 1950s and intensively studied since then, many questions are still unanswered – is a ribosome a static or dynamic complex? Can alternative ribosome composition (i.e. ribosome heterogeneity) affect translation and hence gene expression? And what role do ribosomes have in shaping cellular identity, cellular function, and tissue homeostasis?

In our lab we tackle all of these questions. We aim to understand the mechanisms by which ribosome heterogeneity is generated, mainly that of rRNA modifications, and how this heterogeneity actively controls healthy hematopoietic development (the generation of blood cells), leukemia initiation and viral infection.